Introducing the Quick Ship Playgrounds Program

Getting A Playground for Your Community Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Zoom Recreation is proud to launch the Quick Ship Playgrounds Program! Let’s face it: commercial playgrounds take a lot of time. From the initial design stage to installation of the equipment, a full playground structure can take months and even sometimes up to a year to be ready for children to use. A major part of the wait can be the lead times for the structures to be manufactured and shipped out. This time frame is typically any time between 8 to 10 weeks. Another factor is gathering enough financial funds and grants which takes some time to be approved and accepted. Going with a custom themed design can also add onto that standard lead time and extend the production process past 14 weeks!

However, if you already have the money and budget for a playground, you can significantly decrease the time it takes to get your dream play structure. It is as simple as placing an order on any one of our selected playground structures in our Quick Ship Playgrounds Program. While the Quick Ship Playgrounds Program does not shorten the installation time, you can have a playground shipped to your park, community, or school within 5 days!

In this amazing program, we offer structures for 2-5, 2-12, and 5-12 years old and you can choose between the Forest or Circus color scheme. Additionally, all Quick Ship playgrounds are ADA accessible which means all and any children can have fun. Check out some of the play structure options from our Quick Ship Playgrounds below!

2-5 Years Quick Ship Playgrounds

Quick Ship Playground

PS3-70693 in Forest Scheme

This play structure features 2 different slides: a double slide and a curved slide for multiple children to slide down at once. The playground also includes a shade topper at no additional cost! Another cool component is the Tic Tac Toe Activity Panel on the other side of the structure. Seen on the right, this structure shows the Forest color scheme of our burgundy, iced coffee, and green colors, but it is also available in the Circus color scheme.

2-12 Years Quick Ship Playgrounds

Play Structure

PS3-31905 in Forest Scheme

This playground includes engaging components such as the Bubble Wall Climber and the Rock Wall Climber. Kids can challenge themselves or their friends to race and climb to the top! If you’re interested in a playground for your elementary school, this play structure is perfect since it allows for children ages 2 to 12 years old. In addition, if you don’t have a lot of play space to work with, this structure is ideal since it is the smallest out of all the structures in the Quick Ship Playgrounds Program. The PS3-31905 structure is also ADA accessible.


Playground With Crawl Tunnel

PS3-70675 in Circus Scheme

If you’re looking for a playground for your residential community or recreational area where there are a lot of children, consider getting the PS3-70675 structure. With a maximum capacity of 40, this playground offers plenty of fun for multiple kids at once! This structure includes many different features such as a Crawl Tunnel that connects two separate areas of the play structure and several Activity Panels like a gear panel. Your kids will want to keep playing on this structure for hours.

5-12 Years Quick Ship Playgrounds

Quick Ship Play

PS3-31464 in Circus scheme

For a playground that offers more challenges for the bigger kids, choose the PS3-31464 structure. One highlight of this structure is the overhead Tri-Rung Ladder which is sure to excite kids and build their upper body strength. Once they climb over to the other side, they will feel accomplished and thus, build their confidence. This structure also features a Tire Climber which makes it unique from the rest of the structures in the Quick Ship Playgrounds Program. This structure seen here shows the Circus color scheme of our Red, Yellow, and Ocean Blue colors but it is also available in the Forest color scheme.

Ready for a Brand New Playground?

The structures mentioned above are only a few of the playgrounds we offer through our Quick Ship Playgrounds Program. Fill out a contact form for the catalog to see more options and structures that you can order and receive within a few days. Can’t wait for a play structure? Give us a call today at 866-234-3392. Get more inspiration by following us on Facebook and Instagram!